As a parent, you don’t encourage children to experience nature because it’s pretty, but because your children are exposed to something larger and longer standing than their immediate experience. - Richard Louv, Last Child in the Woods


We understand that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers. For this reason, we recognize NLS Parentsour parents as partners. Parent participation is considered essential and can take many forms. Parents play an active part in their children’s learning experience and help ensure the welfare of all the children in our school. The ideas, cultural background and skills that the families bring to the school and, even more importantly, the exchange of ideas between parents and teachers favor the development of the children and creates a new way of educating. This collaboration helps teachers to view the participation of families not as a threat, but as an intrinsic element of collegiality. Family participation will be highly encouraged in every area of our school. We welcome parents to share their interests and talents with us.

By participating in the work of one or more of our committees listed below, parents have many opportunities to volunteer inside and outside of school hours.


  • Grounds Committee – Cares for our garden, outdoor and play areas (grass, plants, safety, etc.).
  • Indoor Environment Committee - Cares for and helps create a beautiful indoor classroom area (plants, organization, supplies, décor etc.).
  • Event Committee - Plans and organizes events in collaboration with teachers and directors (parent meetings, festival, fund raising events etc.).
  • Fundraising Committee - Discovers/creates fundraising and grant opportunities for the school.
  • Classroom Assistance Committee - Assists the teachers in daily classroom activities (documentation, preparing materials, interacting with children, reading stories etc.).
  • Appreciation Committee - Creates opportunities to thank those who participate in the success of our school (teachers, parents, members of the community, organizations etc.).
  • Public Relations Committee – Communicates information to NLS families and the community (newsletters, articles, website etc.).

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